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Food For Thought: How Healthy Eating Boosts Productivity


Eating fresh, nutritious meals during a business conference isn’t just good for your health, it can also boost your brain power and help you stay productive throughout the day.

In fact, a recent study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology found that people who consumed up to seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day were happier, more engaged and more creative.


A productive day starts with a good breakfast. Avoid the sugary treats and choose a wholesome meal with fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, protein and dairy. Your conference buffet should include a selection of fresh breakfast juices, yoghurts, Bircher muesli and a fruit platter. For a healthy dose of fibre, choose toast or a bowl of cereal with low-fat milk.

If you’re heading towards the hot buffet, choose poached or boiled eggs with grilled tomatoes, smoked salmon and sautéed mushrooms. Add a cup of green tea or a fresh Nespresso and you’ll be ready to work.

Coffee break

Research shows that employees who fill their mornings with physical activity tend to be more engaged and energetic on the job than those who stay glued to their chairs. So get your team on their feet and moving around the room for some networking and a coffee break. Fresh fruit juice combinations like carrot, ginger and orange or watermelon and cranberry will give your team a boost of vitamins and minerals that will help them stay alert and productive for the rest of the morning.


Avoiding the common mid-afternoon slump could be as simple as choosing the right lunch. The body needs a lot of energy to digest a big meal, particularly if it contains lots of carbohydrates, sugars or processed foods. This means your energy is directed to your digestive processes, instead of supporting your creativity and productivity.

The right balance of protein and carbohydrates will fill you up, without weighing you down. Consider choosing meals with seafood, chicken and lean meats, as well as fresh salads, vegetables and wholegrain rolls.

Mid-afternoon snack

The National Sleep Foundation in the US claims that many people feel sleepy between 1pm and 3pm, due to the natural cycle of our body clock. Add that to the fact that a long day of concentrating drains our energy and it’s no wonder we feel like refuelling on sugar and caffeine by mid-afternoon.

If you want to avoid feeling completely exhausted by the end of the day—especially if you need to catch up on work or prepare for the next conference day—then step away from the sweets. Instead, reach for snacks like fresh juices or berry smoothies, veggie sticks with hummus, yoghurt or a natural date and nut slice.

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