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From Boutiques To Galleries


“A picture is worth a thousand words” and the area is well-known for creativity, from the bespoke craftsmanship, to pop-up projects and unique retailers.

Before heading out or returning back for a night cap, start with Harrington Bar on the Mezzanine level, open from Tues to Sat until 10pm. Highly recommend the Vanilla Espresso Martini.

The only duty and tax free department store.DFS Galleria offers a wide range of luxury brands and products. During August, the largest beauty event is on now for the world traveler. Receive a gift upon purchase with selected brands. 155 George St, Sydney, T: +61 2 8243 8666

Go Bananas at Joe Bananas, one of Australia’s designers making a mark in Sydney’s fashion scene with handmade and tailored casual menswear. True, there’s a wide range of linen suits to choose, they come in subdued colours, with a comfortably generous cut around the waist, perfect for warm summer evenings or a business lunch by the pool. Patterns inspired by nature – floral, animal, but also with the glittery shine of opals and the rustic charm of Australian tree barks. 103 George St, Sydney T: +61 2 9264 2733

Experience the breadth of contemporary art through digital innovation, paintings, photography and sculpture. The MCA collection includes the Telling Tales – excursions in narrative form, New Romance – art and the post human. Don’t forget free guided tours are on offer daily, so you don’t have to think to hard what the artist had in mind. 140 George St, Sydney, T: +61 2 9245 2400

Billich Gallery offers a unique slice of Sydney history, he describes his work as surrealist. Manipulate reality with a touch of irony. Ballet and sport, portraiture and stage provide individuality and expression. 106 George St, Sydney, T: +61 2 9252 1481

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