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Places To Exercise Around Sydney


Thinking of exercising around the Sydney CBD can conjure terrifying images of peak hour foot traffic, bustling bodies and gum stuck on your shoe.

Well, what if we told you that there are plenty of places to exercise around the CBD area that are peaceful, relaxing and still have beautiful views?

Circular Quay is the perfect inner city location to get some fresh air and pump some endorphins. Nestled between the Sydney Harbour Bridge and boasting some seriously good coffee hangouts, you can make this surrounding area your exercise oasis.

For those who want to exercise but don’t like the idea of standing on a treadmill like a bored mouse, this article is for you!

Royal Botanic Gardens

The whole point of outdoor exercise is to submerse yourself in nature, right? Well it doesn’t get leafier than 3 kilometres of native plants, flowers and shrubs lining a pristine running track. The Domain Loop Running Trail is perfect for walking, running or cycling or crawling in a sweaty mess. If you’re game enough to try the full Botanic Gardens Track, you can be treated to 12km of iconic landmark viewing think Harbour Bridge, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and the Opera House. Start and end at Circular Quay and treat yourself to a cold drink afterward.

Harbour Bridge Run

This gem starts at Observatory Hill, past Luna Park and ends at Lavender Bay. Its 10km all up and again, treats you to picture perfect views. The name might say run but you can complete this track by any method you choose.

Yoga in the Garden

When we think of exercise, we often don’t consider slower options like Yoga but it’s a great strengthening activity for both your body and mind. It may not feel like it at the time, but holding those poses are really working your smaller muscle groups.

If you’re looking for somewhere to quiet your mind, check out Yoga in the Garden.

It runs on Mondays in the Calyx or Thursdays in The Domain and is $20 for one hour. Find out more here

Barangaroo Reserve

Hit the Wulugul Walking Track around newly built Barangaroo Reserve. It has its own path for walkers, runners and cyclists. Take a stair sprint above the terraced gardens to the Boot Boot Path which will lead you to Stargazer Lawn for your Instagram Fitness Photo Op.

Outdoor Gym

Gym memberships give a lot of us major commitment issues. Observatory Hill Outdoor Gym is a completely free workout area with a range of equipment available. To the untrained eye they can all look like strange torture machines but there’s handy instruction cards available to help you through. The next time you’re passing through on the weekend or after work, pack your gym gear and head over!

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